We are so proud of how incredible our Friday Night Magic community has become! Whether it’s the novel experiences of Drafting, the affordable brewers paradise that is Pauper, or the competitively-minded formats of Pioneer or Standard, we love the diversity of options that exist for FNM.

With the release of Modern Horizons 3, it left us with a question, what do we do for our Drafts on Friday Nights? On one hand, we’ve been drafting OTJ for a while, and it’s time to take a break. On the other hand, Modern Horizons 3 is a premium set and would be more expensive to draft. We don’t want to alienate a portion of our draft community by making MH3 the only option.

Then it hit us. We offer both!

So for the rest of June we will be offering throwback drafts at Owl Central Games AND we will have an on-demand option to draft Modern Horizons 3. These throwback drafts will also be Draft Booster sets, which means they are $15 events instead of $20! They will mirror our regular FNM drafts in prizing, with 3 packs for 3 wins, 2 packs for 2 wins, and 1 pack for all other win totals.

Modern Horizons 3 Drafts will be $35 and will feature a pack per win prizing structure. We will also have promo packs for anyone without a win at the end of the 3 rounds. Everyone gets something for playing! Our goal was to make this event a good balance of worthwhile and rewarding.

Here’s a breakdown of our throwback drafts that we’ll be hosting in June:

We are looking forward to seeing you for Friday Night Drafts at our Game Center!