Hey Stormers fans!

Welcome to Owl Central Games! The number one game store in all of Lancaster County for Pokémon, Disney’s Lorcana, Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and many more awesome Trading Card Games. We are also a major supplier of Games Workshop and many other tabletop wargaming systems along with board games, gaming supplies, hobby paints, plushies, and more! Basically, if it’s a part of your offline gaming experience, we have it at Owl Central Games. Check out some of what we have to offer in our store and game center!

Visit Our Game Center

The best way to see everything that we do at Owl Central Games is to stop by our store! We are located at 250 Manor Ave, Millersville, PA 17551. We are just a short drive from downtown Lancaster, and are easily accessible via the Rohrerstown Road (Route 741) exit of Route 30.

Game Center Events

We host events six days a week for our many communities here at Owl Central Games. This includes weekly events for Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon, Lorcana, Yu-Gi-Oh, and our Miniatures communities. All of our events are family friendly, and our Pokémon and Lorcana communities are regularly attended by players of all ages. We hold ourselves to a standard of creating a safe, welcoming environment for players of all ages, genders, creeds, and beliefs. View a schedule of all of our weekly events here.

We also host special events every Saturday. These events are much larger and range from massive tournaments to community days and learn to play opportunities. Our next Learn to Play event is for the Pokémon Trading Card Game on Saturday, May 25th. Check out all the details here and hop into one of the coolest communities here at Owl Central Games.

Big Selection, Small Prices

In a world where people often are left to fight over the last couple of packs in the Target checkout aisle, we propose a better way to get your favorite games; Have A Lot For Less. Owl Central Games is proud to have some of the largest selection of Pokémon, Lorcana, Magic: the Gathering, and more, all available in-store for prices that are normal. Never again will you have to pay $8 for a single booster pack at your convenient store. We have plenty of packs, boxes, and collector sets with daily deals and regular prices that you’ll love, including brand new releases!

Beyond booster packs and other sealed products, we also have Trading Card Game singles. We are actively buying and selling singles from your favorite games. Whether you are looking for a specific card for your deck or collection, or want to turn your unwanted cards into cash, we can help!

Stay Connected

Between new releases, special events, community partnerships, and more, there’s a lot that’s happening at Owl Central Games. Make sure you stay connected with us to keep up with everything that we’re doing throughout Lancaster!

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