Last Saturday was our most recent Pauper 500 and we have the Top 8 Decklists from the event for you to level up your Pauper game! The Pauper 500 has steadily become one of the highest anticipated events that we offer here at Owl Central Games and I loved seeing our Game Center filled with players from throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

The Pauper 500 Top 8 featured a wide variety of decklists and strategies. The tournament was ultimately taken down by the ever popular Jeskai Glitters. This sparked immediate conversation amongst the Owl Central Games community regarding whether Wizards of the Coast should consider banning All That Glitters in Pauper. What do you think?

Click to view decklists.

1st Place – Jeskai Glitters (Chris Arble)

pauper top 8 decklist jeskai glitters

2nd Place – Caw-Gates (Howard Brosnan)

pauper top 8 decklist caw gates

3rd/4th Place – Grixis Skred (Brian Marx)

pauper top 8 decklist grixis control skred

3rd/4th Place – Elves (Riley Perkowski)

pauper top 8 decklist elves

5th-8th Place – Izzet Terror (Brett Callahan-Krodel)

pauper top 8 decklist ur izzet terror

5th-8th Place – Jeskai Ephemerate (Kyle Marx)

pauper top 8 decklist jeskai ephemerate

5th-8th Place – Boros Synth (Michael Fox)

pauper top 8 decklist boros synth

5th-8th Place – Izzet Curve (Rue Schillings)

pauper top 8 decklist izzet ur terror curve

Want to see how you can do with one of these decks? Snag all the singles you need to recreate one of these Pauper Top 8 decklists at Owl Central Games. Then join us for our weekly Pauper tournaments, each and every Friday for FNM at 6pm.