During the month of May, Wizards of the Coast will be rewarding you with awesome bonuses to your MTG Arena account for drafting at Owl Central Games!

We host drafts every Friday Night as a part of our Friday Night Magic events and now these events can earn you bonuses on MTG Arena. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards you can earn in May!

  • Play in 1 Draft: one High Noon card style
  • Play in 2 Drafts: Goblin card sleeves
  • Play in 3 Drafts: a Draft Token!

All you have to do is make sure that you use your Companion App while logged in with your MTG Arena log in information. If you have any questions about this part, make sure to speak with the Tournament Organizer when you check-in to the event.

Additionally, our very own General Manager, Berto, will be in attendance for as many of our Friday Night drafts as possible. As an added bonus, if you defeat Berto during a round of the draft, you’ll win an extra booster pack!