We’re excited to announce a whole new kind of event here at Owl Central Games: Pack Crack Day! Pack Crack Day is all about cracking packs to see who can get the best pulls and find Owl Central Chase Cards. Whether it be Magic, Pokemon, Lorcana, or Yu-Gi-Oh, everyone is welcome!

This special event will be on Saturday, June 1st and will be an all day event! Similar to our Community Day events, there is NO entry fee and we’ll be doing four door prize raffles at 2pm. These raffles will be for $25 store credit, $50 store credit, and two plushies of your choice!

So, what makes Pack Crack Day so special? Not only will we have door prizes, but we will also be offering upwards of 80-100% of TCG Low in Store Credit for Owl Central Chase Cards! We’ll provide printed lists of Chase Cards for each game on the day of the event. Chase Card lists will feature outrageously high buylist prices to give everyone cards to hunt for and trade in for incredible value! (These prices are only available during Pack Crack Day for cards opened during the event.)

For any questions regarding event details, please message Owl staff on our Discord Server, reach out on Facebook, or send us an email at events@owlcentralgames.com