Lorcana’s next set, Ursula’s Return is coming to Owl Central Games on May 17th, so get ready to plunge into the deep dark lair of the evil half-octopus and capture the power of all new Disney Magic!

Ursula’s Return is the fourth set in the ever-popular Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game. This set follows up on the new mechanics of Locations with adding many fan-favorite characters to the game for the very first time. There are all new characters from Mulan, Hercules, the Little Mermaid, and most excitingly of all, Encanto!

That’s right! The Madrigals are making their Lorcana debut in Ursula’s Return! Characters, Locations, and Songs have all been spoiled that highlight the many members of the Madrigal family and all the fun you remember from the movie Encanto!

Get ready, as this May we’ll all be putting Isabella, Pepa, Camillo, and more into our decks. We’ll also be singing songs like We Don’t Talk About Bruno and Look At This Family too!

This set also features a brand new gamemode, Illumineer’s Quest. Join up with your friends and battle against an evil enemy, in this case, Ursula! Check out more information about this new gamemode here.