Coming in late January, the next Pokemon TCG set is now available for pre-order at Owl Central Games, and boy is it a good one! Scarlet and Violet: Paldean Fates arrives at Owl Central Games early on Friday, January 26nd.

You might have noticed that this set contains a very special word, “Fates”. Like earlier sets, Hidden Fates and Shining Fates, this set marks the introduction of the highly coveted Shiny Pokemon to the Scarlet and Violet world. Paldean Fates will include more than 130 Shiny Pokemon, including for the first time ever, Pokemon exclusive to the Paldea region. This means that not only can you find classics like Shiny Pikachu, but also brand new friends like Shiny Tikaton and Shiny Dondozo too!

Paldean Fates will also introduce Shiny Tera Pokemon ex, giving you even more power to bring to your Pokemon battles. Look out for Shiny Tera Charizard ex, Forrestress ex, and Espathra ex, along with many more Ancient and Future Pokemon ex.

Check out what you can expect to find in Paldean Fates!

  • 11 Shiny Pokémon ex
  • Seven Pokémon ex and three Tera Pokémon ex
  • Three illustration rare cards featuring Shiny Pokémon
  • Eight special illustration rare cards featuring Shiny Pokémon ex or Supporter cards
  • Six hyper rare Pokémon ex

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