This past Saturday was our second and final Regional Championship Qualifier for Round 6. Like our first RCQ of the season, this tournament was a Competitive Standard constructed tournament with the finalists both qualifying for the Regional Championship this Summer in Dallas, Texas.

It was a tightly contested tournament all the way through, but in the end we had our qualifiers, Ben Fraley and Howard Brosnan. Howard came in first place with his Golgari Midrange deck, while Ben rallied to a second place finish with Dimir Midrange. Check out their decklists below and what else made the Top 8 of this most recent Standard RCQ.

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1st Place – Golgari Midrange (Howard Brosnan)

standard rcq golgari midrange

2nd Place – Dimir Midrange (Ben Fraley)

standard rcq dimir midrange

3rd/4th Place – Soul Cauldron Combo (Ben Haun)

standard rcq soul cauldron combo

3rd/4th Place – Mono Red Aggro (Ryan Potter)

standard rcq mono red aggro

5th-8th Dimir Aggro (Jeff Leidig)

standard rcq dimir aggro

5th-8th Jund Midrange (Matthew Brown)

standard rcq jund midrange

5th-8th UW Control (Nathaniel Hoffman)

standard rcq uw control azorius

5th-8th Vampires (Albert Liao)

standard rcq vampire rakdos aggro midrange

Will you use these Standard RCQ decklists to up your game? Join us for Standard Showdown every Friday night at the Owl Central Game Center!

While this season has come to a close, we are super excited for next season’s Pioneer RCQs. We have our two 2-Slot Regional Championship Qualifiers scheduled and waiting for you! Check out all the details and pre-register to guarantee your seats.

pioneer rcq may 18th
Pioneer RCQ on May 18th
pioneer rcq june 15th
Pioneer RCQ on June 15th