“Pokémon trainers! Welcome to a brand-new set that combines Ancient Pokémon, Future Pokémon, and ACE SPECS. Let’s check out what cards you’ll want to upgrade your collection binder from Temporal Forces!”

Pokémon has had a ton of awesome collectible arts come out over the past few years. From Secret Rares to Alternate Arts to Trainer Galleries, let’s look at some of these arts. This is my list of my Top 5 must-have collectible cards that you’ll need from Temporal Forces!

At Number 5 I’m putting a trio of legendary Pokémon: Gouging Fire ex, Raging Bolt ex, and Walking Wake ex. These are the paradox versions of the Legendary dogs from Johto. Their Special Illustration versions feature these Pokémon in wild and overgrown environments. These cards are awesome, and are a fantastic way to showcase these paradoxical versions of old classics.

temporal forces gouging fires ex
temporal forces walking wake ex
temporal forces raging bolt ex

Number 4 is the Illustration Rare of the unassuming Meltan. For many, Meltan is a rather random Pokémon, but this Illustration Rare give this Pokémon some incredible life. It features a series of Meltan surrounding a “chosen” Meltan if you will, floating in the middle of the scene.

temporal forces meltan

Taking the Number 3 spot is Shiftry. This Illustration Rare invokes the awesomeness of anime meets Pokémon. This card’s intricate design looks awesome for both Pokémon fans and anime lovers alike.

temporal forces shiftry

Our runner-up, or should I say runners-up, is another trio of Legendary Pokemon turned to the paradoxical. Iron Boulder ex, Iron Crown ex, and Iron Leaves ex have some incredible Special Illustration cards. These cards perfectly exude the planetary styles that they were inspired by and showcase the Future Pokemon style perfectly.

temporal forces future pokemon
temporal forces future pokemon
temporal forces future pokemon

And that brings us to my favorite collectible card from Scarlet and Violet: Temporal Forces. My pick for the coolest and most collectible card is Morty’s Conviction, the Illustration Rare version. Now, don’t let the fact that it’s a Trainer card fool you; this card is pretty sick and is a fantastic card to add to your collection. If you are a fan of ghost Pokémon, the Gengar will also add to how appealing this card is to you.

temporal forces morty's gengar illustration rare

What do you think? What cards do you agree with, and which ones did I get wrong? Let me know by hopping in the discussion on our Discord server!

If you’re looking to get your hands on Temporal Forces, make sure to pre-order exactly what you need from us here at Owl Central Games. The chance to open these awesome cards is waiting for you! We can’t wait to see you add Temporal Forces to your collection.