This past Friday, we got the opportunity to host our first high stakes event of the year, our Legacy $5k. This event was a smashing success, selling out ahead of time, and filling our Game Center. This meant that we had some of the most talented Legacy players in the region, including the recent North American Legacy Champion, TK Strachan. The competition was fierce and our Top 8 contained a diverse set of approaches to taking on the Legacy metagame.

Speaking of the metagame, let’s see how our 58 competitors approached this tournament. If we chart it out it looks like this;

legacy metagame breakdown

If we take it a step further, here’s what the Legacy metagame looks like if we limit it to decks that went X-2 or better during the Swiss. This leaves us with our 17 best decks.

Legacy metagame of the X-2s and better.

It’s especially interesting to see which decks outperformed the room. Grixis Delver and Painter Variants were just two of the decks that converted to this upper echelon at a higher rate. There were also several decks that went X-2 or better while being the only entry in that archetype.

For a more in-depth breakdown of the top finishing decks, check out our full Top 8 decklists from this event. Since there was a prize split midway through the Top 8, decklists are ordered by where they finished in the Swiss portion of the tournament.

We are very much looking forward to hosting our next major event. Be aware of our next upcoming tournaments by connecting with us. We share information regarding upcoming event on Facebook, Twitter, our Discord, and through our email newsletter.