Hey there! Guess what? I’ve got an exciting secret to share with you! Did you know that your chances of discovering shiny Pokémon skyrockets when you’re shopping at Owl Central Games? That’s right – especially with the incredible new Pokémon TCG Paldean Fates! Let’s preview some of the awesome cards coming in Paldean Fates!

This set introduces us to shiny Pokémon from the world of Paldea, or as us TCG enthusiasts like to call it, the Scarlet & Violet era. It’s similar to the Sword & Shield eras, “Shining Fates,” which also featured those coveted shiny Pokémon.

paldean fates

What makes these shiny sets truly captivating is that they cater to both collectors and players. For collectors, it’s a chance to own their favorite Pokémon in its shiny form, while for players, it’s a fantastic way to add some flair to their decks.

Let’s “shine” (see what I did there?) a spotlight on a couple of standout cards for both players and collectors: Mew EX and Gardevoir EX. These cards boast incredible special illustration rares, and they’re shiny! Not only are they visually stunning, but they’ve also made a significant impact in the current standard format. Mew EX is a staple in almost every deck, while Gardevoir EX has its own deck that has triumphed in high-stakes tournaments. Plus, that’s not all – brace yourselves for a new Full Art Judge card, a must-have supporter card in many decks!

paldean fates mew ex
paldean fates gardevoir ex
paldean fates full art judge

Speaking of Paldean Fates, let’s talk about the new gold cards featuring legendary Pokémon from Paldea, including Miraidon and Koraidon. They feature a blue design with gold accents (or is it a gold design with blue accents?) This adds an extra layer of coolness, making these legendary Pokémon feel even more legendary! Let me know what you think.

secret miraidon ex
secret koraidon ex

I hope this article gets you as excited for Paldean Fates as I am. Oh, wait! How could I forget the best part? This set has… drumroll, please… a CHARIZARD, a SHINY CHARIZARD! I can’t believe I almost left that out. Now you know – not only does Owl Central Games have shiny Pokémon, but it also boasts the elusive shiny Charizard.

shiny charizard ex

And that’s just a small preview of what’s coming in Paldean Fates. We can’t wait to see you choose your Paldean Fates at the ultimate shop – Owl Central Games. Check out all the upcoming products and pre-order your favorites today!